Why is My Washing Machine Leaking?

Found a puddle of water under your washer? Take it from one of the
top appliance stores in Surrey, you don’t want to ignore a leaking
washing machine for too long. Even the tiniest trickle can turn into a
major problem, costing you a ton of money, and creating a lot of
headaches for both you and your neighbors down the road. The
good news is that most washing machine leaks are easy to track
down—you just need to know where to look. Without further ado, here
are some of the main causes of washer leaks.

The washer is not level

Washers were made to be used on flat surfaces for good reasons. A washing machine that is not completely level, will not only cause vibrations that can damage walls, floors, and the washer’s components but also cause leaking. If your washer is not level, adjust the leveling legs to the proper height.

Damaged door seal

No matter how tough your washer may be, nothing lasts forever. Over
time, parts can wear down, requiring replacement or repair. One of the
reasons for a leaking washer might be a faulty door seal. If you notice
any cracks or holes in the seal, replace it as soon as possible.

Faulty Hoses

Another possible source of a washer leak might be the drain hose.
Check to make sure that the hose is properly attached to the
drainpipe. Then, begin a wash cycle. If there is still leaking, the drain
hose might be damaged and need replacing.

Loose connections

The cause of a leaking washer might be as simple as a loose
connection. Inspect the valve or faucet points and tighten any loose
connections. Also, make sure that the clamps on the hoses are
properly secured.

Detergent issues

When it comes to the health of your washing machine, too much of a
good thing can be bad. Believe it or not, using too much detergent
creates oversudsing—a problem that can cause your washing
machine to leak. To make sure you are not adding too much detergent
(or using the wrong kind), consult with experts at a reliable appliance
stores in Surrey or read the manufacturer’s manual for the
recommended amount and brand.

Contact professional appliance stores in Surrey

Is your washer leaking? Don’t wait too long to take care of the
problem. A little leak can quickly turn into serious flooding. If you’re not
sure how to handle your leaking washing machine, it is always a smart
idea to contact a trusted appliance store in Surrey for repairs or

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