Washer Repair

Washer Repair

We are your goto for all repairs regarding your appliances in the laundry room. When we do washing machine repair we only use parts direct from the manufacturer. This ensures that the fix lasts and you are getting the best price possible because there is no middleman. You can use our simple online repair request form to book an appointment. Once your appointment is confirmed we will send one of our friendly technicians out to repair your appliance. 

Don’t wait too long to take care of the problem. A little leak can quickly turn into serious flooding. If you’re not sure how to handle your leaking washing machine, it is always a smart idea to contact a trusted appliance store in Surrey for repairs or replacement.

Washing Machine Repair in Surrey.


Dryer Repair

We know our dryers as well as our washing machines. Is your dryer not heating up or it just won't spin? We are on the case! Give us a call or use our repair request form today and we will come and identify the issue, explain, and resolve the issue. 

You can always trust your repair specialists at Ben's Appliances. For all your washer machine needs, call or visit Ben’s Appliances today!