How to Find the Right Wall Ovens for Your Kitchen

Whirlpool Self Clean Wall Oven

Your oven—you count on it to do so much. Whether you’re baking,
broiling, or roasting, your kitchen helper is always there for you to help
make the perfect meals for family and friends. So, when it comes time
to buy a new wall oven, you want to make sure to find the best
appliance that can handle the workload. But with a dizzying array of
options out there, it can be downright daunting to find the right one
that suits your needs. To help point you in the right direction, here are
some handy tips to find the best wall oven for your lifestyle.

Pick your power

Before you even begin your quest for that perfect, super-sleek wall
oven, you’ll need to choose your heat source. Of course, this will
depend on the type of power options you currently have in your home,
but if you can swing it both ways, you’ll need to figure out whether to
buy a gas or electric oven. Basically, it breaks down like this: electric
wall ovens usually come with a lower price tag, whereas gas wall
ovens are cheaper to operate.

Choose the wall oven type

Now that you have the power source stuff figured out, you’ll want to
consider the oven type. It might boil down to budget or kitchen space,
but you do have the option of choosing between double or single wall
ovens. So, if you have a large family or like the idea of being able to
cook different meals simultaneously, it might be worth it to invest in a
double wall oven.

Also, both options come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect in
a modern wall oven, upping the convenience factor. You can even
choose a wall oven that includes a separate microwave on top.

To clean or not to clean

Most people aren’t huge fans of cleaning—especially when it involves
being waist deep in an oven, scrubbing away grime and grease all
afternoon. Fortunately, many wall ovens come with optional self-
cleaning features, saving you a bundle of time and elbow grease.

Consider the color

There’s no doubt about it—colour can play a huge role in determining
the right wall model for your home. From black, white, red, blue, and
silver to metallic finish options like gold and copper, there is certainly
no shortage of options to choose from. But when it comes to picking a
color, you will probably want to select one that compliments your
kitchen décor—and one that doesn’t clash with your other appliances.
Whatever wall oven you are looking for, you’ll want to get it at a
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